Boda en Stuttgart + Irene & Benny + fotógrafos boda

Last August we had the opportunity to travel to Stuttgart to cover the reporting of the wedding of Irene and Benny. We take the opportunity to learn more about its culture, language, customs and generally enjoy everything that this immense city offers.
We visited wonderful places and lived experiences that we had never experienced before, although I can affirm that the most rewarding thing was to meet and work with this couple at their wedding in Stuttgart. Irene is from Alicante, emigrated for work reasons to Germany, but did not know what fate had prepared for her. He met Benny, love did the rest. Since Irene contacted us, I knew it was going to be a special wedding. In order to get to know each other a bit more, we held Skype meetings to organize weddings (since they were married in Stuttgart and in ten days, they were getting married again, but this time in Spain) we talked about the subject of travel, flights, schedules …. Once the day arrived and once in Stuttgart, we wanted to capture moments in the best places. It was a radiant sun, something rare in Stuttgart, the place was unbeatable for the beautiful monuments and landscapes that we had and we had the best guides, the couple; so everything was ready to enjoy the moment! A simple and intimate wedding in which we feel one more of the family. Everything went according to plan, three wonderful days in Stuttgart that once finished, we already had our head set on the wedding in Spain that would take place 10 days later.